About Us

“Subhavaartha”, which means “Good News”, reaches 90 million Telugu-speaking people. We broadcast various programs to bring variety and themes based on successful and peaceful living. We have a holistic approach to the Spiritual, Physical, and mental building of the self. It is gratifying to note that the channel has earned a huge committed viewership base in this short span of time.

As Subhavaartha continues to expand its reach, it remains dedicated to spreading the "Good News" far and wide. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for uplifting the experience, Subhavaartha is poised to continue making a positive difference in the lives of its viewers.

GoodNews Group is managed by the Father-Son duo, Nehru Dhyriam and Ashvin Dhyriam, through four satellite networks: Subhvaartha TV (Telugu), Shubhsandesh TV (Hindi), Nambikkai TV (Tamil) and Good News TV (English). The channels cover 24/7 day viewing all through the year ensuring smart viewing for smart people all across India and the world.

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